Wednesday, 14 November 2012

VNA Magazine, Mega Issue 20

Documenting Street Art and Graffiti in print since 2006

Issue 20

Monumental offerings in this fine Issue.

Loads to feast your eyes on so here goes, because it's the 20th Issue the VNA Team have pumped up the page numbers by 32 to 164 pages of ace images, interviews and reviews and also photographing the streets of Granada, Valencia and London.

With Retna throwing out the cover art with the black and gold. Also featuring the skate board graphics giant Neck Face with a class quote:"I definitely missed some deadlines for artworks because I was out skating. Fuck it, I always pick up the skateboard before I pick up the brush. Remember that." 

Let's look at the Contents page:
Josh Keyes - His work is know for highlighting the tension between the natural world and that of human creation.
Guy McKinley - Is an artist fascinated by fantasy.
Ozmo - He divides himself between outdoor mural work and studio creations.
Smash137 - Uses spray cans and hits up train yards with shit-hot wild style.
Deedeekid  - Living his dream and having a lot of fun with it.
Retna - " We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars."
Will Robson Scott - Got into photography by accident.
Neckface - Enigmatic and anarchic indeed.
Ben Frost - Acknowledged in the underground as the godfather of Australian street art. 
Greg Simkins - Surrealist Storyteller.
Above - "I spend hours walking the streets painting and probably only 30 minutes at home sleeping afterwards"
Pam Glew -  She uses unique bleaching techniques which earns her worldwide recognition.

Get down the page to look inside...

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