Monday, 5 November 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, October 2012

Art + Culture Magazine
October 2012

Halloween is just around the corner and this is the theme for this issue of Juxtapoz Magazine!

Best read in a dark room using a flashlight, this month's issue displays artist Alex Pardee's work on the front cover. Who is Alex Pardee you may ask, he has been on the scene for a number of years now and is a free lancer. A multi-media artist who uses acrylics, oils, latex, watercolors, pens, inks and dyes. Working with companies like Twenty Twenty Skateboards and Hurley International. He has also done album covers for bands like Kid Robot, A Sense of Purpose and loads more. 

So what have you got to look forward to:
Alex Pardee
Sam Kieth
Jon Way$hack
Allison Sommers
Edmund McMillen
Dave Correia
Jhonen Vasquez
L'amour Supreme

Quote about Nychos from the magazine:
Nychos is a hack with a spray can, making sushi out of anatomical parts. 
He is graffiti's unofficial surgeon, literally carving out his own niche. 
I can't recall anyone working in this medium who dissects and explodes with such detail and imagination. His language consists of splattered internal organs, popping eyeballs, scalped heads and let's not forget , bunnies.

 With that inspired incentive lets look inside... 

a big thanks to Hersoid for participating in the shoot.

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