Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Elements - A Visual Exploration, App a Week, Taschen, The App and Mobile Case Study Book

'The Elements'
A Visual Exploration   

Category: M-COMMERCE

For use on:
⁍ iPhone
⁍  iPad
The Elements:
Explore every element there is, which is known to the human race, right here on this App.
Everything is animated and is initiated by a simple stroke of the fingers. With a three dimensional periodic table, every element is featured as a 3D rotational image and to read about it just requires a simple tap!
Loads more for those of you who are into their chemicals, it's worth checking out.

We could say it's, um... elementary my dear Watson, but we won't.

From the book. 

On the screen
Closer look at the App here...
 To purchase the book go here...

Collaboration: Rad Dad Collective have hooked up with Taschen Publishing to bring you an 'App a Week.' The inspiration came when we received a copy of The App & Mobile Case Study Book from Taschen and we were well impressed! 


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