Monday, 23 April 2012

Bumper Banksy Pack, Tangent Press

Bumper Banksy Pack
Publisher: Tangent

tins and pens not included

On Offer - a foursome with Banksy - does that sound exciting enough for you?
An unofficial collection of some of the best of Banksy:
1 Banksy Myths and Legends
2 The Banksy Q
3 Home Sweet Home
4 Various Banksy Cards

If your a Banksy enthusiast then this lot is for you. A celebration of the man from Bristol, UK that took on the world and came out the other side with not only the general public on his side but most of the  municipal authorities as well. Find out everything you need to know about the man and his art, from the  Bristol Museum, the movie 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' to the infamous Robbo conflict.
Some ace quotes from the books include:
"The Truth the Whole Truth and Everything but the Truth"
"This is not a photo opportunity"
"There is all this noise... but you ain't sayin nothing..."
" This Wall is a Designated Graffiti Area"
Get them glasses on and check inside...
To get your hands on um, go on Logo

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