Sunday, 29 April 2012

Juxtapoz Magazine, May 2012


Art + Culture Magazine
May 2012

Life's good when Juxtapoz arrives on the doorstep and it has... Hooray!

This issue is full of the usual colour and vibrancy that we have come to expect. Also some of our UK friends have hit the pages like Phlegm on page 94 with his wicked black and white mural and Fauna Graphic on the rear cover for Converse shoes.

What up inside:
Steve Powers: hits Brooklyn, New York hard. Steve and the ICY Sign Crew have been camping out over the last six months and they have been working on their largest Public Arts Project yet!
Fame Festival: Murals the size of elephants in a small Italian town, featuring artists which included Ericailcane, Os Gemos, Artz and more...
JR: Keepin an Enduro Bike in his studio is sooo right!
Nuart: "I think most of us in this culture are actually quite reactionary; there is no subculture, there's only a prevailing culture".
Swoon: Another one of our favourites with her elegant and intricate paste ups.
Saber and Revok: 'No Faith in the Human Race'... can this be true?
Ron English: Using a jersey cow to get his message across.

Time to flick through the leaves...

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