Sunday, 8 April 2012

Very Nearly Almost Magazine, VNA, Issue 18

Issue 18
Documenting Street Art and Graffiti in print since 2006

Holy smoke it's out again already and not before time either...

Issue 18 of UK Magazine Very Nearly Almost can be seen on the streets now.
We like to see an artist's studio and the front cover of VNA shows you just that. With Conor Harrington's vibrant and colourful work space, with various and numerous canvases leaning against the walls  plus a wholesome collection of paint brushes and the essential PG Tips to keep him focussed!

Oliver Vrancken: Abstract, pastel shades art.
Remi Rough: Quote: "It's a rebellious art form for God's sake! You can do whatever you want".
Mode 2: Worshiping the female form.
Shoe: Broom Calligraphy and paint balls.
Conor Harrington: Great works but needs a studio with rubber walls to fit more canvases in by the looks.
Shannon Crees: Intricate street art, female forms in Sydney, Australia.
ATP Poster Art: Does what it says on the... umm.
Shawn Barber: Tattoos, larger than life itself.
Ronzo: ..."from creatures holding spray cans glued to traffic islands through to huge cockroaches riding pizza delivery mopeds".

Phew, loads on there as you can see!

The publication as usual, is packed to the gunnels with interviews, pics and city street visits to feast your hungry orbs upon.

Take a squint inside...

Come on what's stoppin yeh... go on the Logo for more

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