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Off The Shelf Making All Stops 1970-76 New York City Subway Photography Volume One Author: O.S. Funk

Off The Shelf

Making All Stops 1970-76 
New York City Subway Photography
Volume One
Author: O.S. Funk

To start with, a big thank you goes out to our friend from NYC Fuzz One,who put us onto this publication...

Time table this one in if you're into the NY subway scene.

The New York subway system has been around since 1904 and everything went relatively smoothly, until the advent of the paint spray can and then things changed.
In the 1970's 'pigments hit the can' and tagging trains was rife. This publication looks at the trains from 1970 to 1976.  Steve Zabel took the images you see in this publication at the time - these include shots of subway trains (some tagged and some not) stations and platforms, with plenty of  descriptions of the trains, their routes, subway fares, movies of the time and decommissions.

Quote from O.S Funk:
"I wanted to show all the different things you can do with subway photography that maybe most people wouldn't take into consideration. I really wanted this book to have something for everybody. If you ever took a subway ride in the 1970's or 1980's maybe you can appreciate what we show"

Let's go under the front cover to take a look...


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