Friday, 4 January 2013

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
December 2012

It's the last Issue of the years... ahhh we hear you sigh but don't worry it's a corker!

On the cover of this months zine is London based Conor Harrington. Originally from Cork, Northern Ireland his work is a mixture or street and fine arts. He says "It also shows that graff doesn't have to shock – or be soppy – to have substance".

This month we visit a wonderland of colour, interviews, products and poplife - so what else is in store:
Jen Stark - Hits Miami Beach's Art Basel.
Conor Harrington - Wanders into Mexico.
Grandy Gordon - Bad to the bone.
Julie Heffernan - In the past twenty years almost every painting Julie has done has been in a basement.
Nicola Verlato - Loves 1982's Tron with its vectorial-rendered models of armour and motorcycles.
Marco Mazzoni - I'm superstitious even though I know it's pointless.

Ok, time to get between the covers...

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