Friday, 4 January 2013

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Hall of Fame
New York City
Publishers: From Here To Fame

Basically, we couldn't have said it better our selves...

Below discription taken from From Here to Fame:
New York City is the birthplace of style writing. It is here that young graffiti writers first began to transform letters from simple tags on a wall to elaborate, masterpieces of colorful letters embellished with characters which depicted friends, heroes and tributes to a wide range of cultural influences.

Since the days when graffiti first gained popularity in New York City, the schoolyards attracted kids eager to practice graffiti writing while hanging out. One of their favorite painting spots since the late 1970s was a schoolyard in Harlem, which later became New York City’s official Graffiti Hall of Fame. Its motto, “Strictly Kings and Better,” dared only the most accomplished graffiti artists to leave their marks, and over the years the word spread beyond New York around the world.

This book documents the legacy of the Graffiti Hall of Fame, which spans over 30 years, thus making this collection of burners a full-blown history lesson in New York City styles.

Big thumbs up to this ace book.
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