Friday, 4 January 2013

Off the Shelf

Cause and Effect
Visualizing Sustainability
Publishers: Gestalten

It seems like all we hear about these days is sustainability,  eco-friendly and green house gases.
So what else is there that we can do to help the Earth, apart from recycling and using hybrid fuels?

This book can put loads of ideas in your head like:
Ecochallange... an iPhone app that supports ecologically responsible living.
Clever Little Bag... a shoe bag by Puma which reduces 65% of packaging use.
DriveNow... a stationless car sharing program, book using a smartphone app.
Geothermal Energy... hook up to the Earths core and stay warm.
... and that's just scratching the surface!
Cause and Effect is a collection of work from around the world that reveals a credible and understandable contemporary visual language for communicating ecology. Its spectrum ranges from campaigns, posters, brochures, and digital media to interventions and guerilla marketing. It utilizes graphic design, information graphics, and illustrations as well as photography to get its message across... From Gestalten website.

Seeing is believing, so we believe it's time to check out the inside..

 Find out more than the price on the Logo

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