Friday, 4 January 2013

Off The Shelf

The Hip Hop CookBook
Publishers: From Here To Fame

Have you ever wondered what else Graffiti Artists, Hip Hop Musicians and DJ's can turn their hand to?
Well surprisingly or not, cooking... that's what.

If your into the life style and culture of above mentioned artists then this book could be right for your grill! You'd be a Banana Nut Loaf (☋) to miss out on this one, with 40 separate culinary contributers and masses of tasty dishes like:

Tash's Veggie Lasagne
Omelette and Funkateers
Static's Potato Soup
Jungle Spice Lamb Curry
The Land and Sea Delights
Zebbie's Mexican Wraps
and so much more to tempt your taste buds.

We tried Shiro's 'kyaraben' Bento which is a packed lunch or diner in Japan consisting of  rice, vegetables and fish and can be tweaked according to your taste buds... it's chopstick tactic!

Description from the Book:
"Look over the shoulder of true Hip Hop pioneers as they share some food for the soul. This collection offers a personal glimpse into the lives and kitchens of some of the most extraordinary artists from all four Hip Hop elements - MCing, breaking, graffiti writing, and DJing. Accompanying the Artist's recipes are short stories, biographies and photos from the past and present".

Let's go inside and check out the filling...

Don't just take our word for it... get on Logo for more

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