Friday, 4 January 2013

Product Test... Judge and Jury


A brand new clothing company based in Manchester, UK Judge and Jury looked us up and asked us to put some of their casual wear through the mill. Who could refuse a company who use the compelling words 'Disturbing the Peace" on their logo ! 

Who are Judge and Jury you ask?:
"A breakout brand that knows its own mind just like the people who wear it. Our plan is to release tough-minded guys back onto the streets wearing stylish menswear "Crafted with Conviction", putting an end to a life sentence of mediocrity. The verdict of Judge & Jury is freedom for those with a desire to throw away the uniform and scale the walls of convention. We offer a fresh start, a new razor sharp but gritty look - a daring escape from the confinement of institutionalised fashion. Judge & Jury has the balls without the chains. Are you ready to make a run for it?"
From J and J website

Of course we accepted and started out by hitting a paint spot dear to our hearts. They sent us two Hoodies, from their long sleeve top range a zipped turquoise and a zipped green (with a Mustang jacket to come in the near future). 

The hoods accompanied us to our favourite spot and with paint flying off rollers, out off cans and off brushes the green zip hoodie stood up to the riggers of a full on session.

Check out the happenings below... more ta come 


Don't just take our word, look um up on Logo

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