Friday, 4 January 2013

Product Test... Eastpak

We regularly walk miles in the pursuit of paint spots and urban exploration.
After a while the back starts to suffer from the heavy weight of spray cans and paint pots, not to mention the potential collapse of our delicate feet arches.

So we got to thinking, there must be an easier way to cart around our tools of the trade without a constant struggle. RDC contacted Eastpakand put the question to them to see if they could help out? They came back with the idea of using a piece from their wheeled luggage range.

When the Transfer M arrived on the doorstep we thought it was far to big and bulky. After loading it up with 10 cans, spray mask, bag of caps, a 2.5 litre paint pot, roller, paint tray and a water bottle (where is the kitchen sink we hear you ask) we realised just how much we had been lugging about and how perfect the bag was to carry/cope with our paint sessions!

On its first excursion into the concrete jungle we took it to our favourite spot. It offers all sorts of challenging terrain and obstacles to over come and the bag coped with them very well... don't take our word for it though, we filmed it - check out the footage at the bottom of this post...

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