Friday, 4 January 2013

Off The Shelf

Children of the Can 
Bristol Graffiti and Street Art
Author: Felix 'FLX' Braun
Publisher: Tangent

Wow, what gorgeous publication this is!
A great eye-candy book on the on the Bristol, UK Scene.

Bristol, has for many years been a vibrant and consistent magnet for talented and enthusiastic graffiti artists, with a contemporary view on graffiti which inspires and attracts creative's to the most eclectic City in the UK. For over 30 years now Bristol has been a hub for art, video, music and design, this doesn't show more strongly they on the streets of this city, this is why this publication is so important. Children of the Can features 80 of Bristol's most prolific street artists and graffiti writers from around the world.

The contents contain famous sprayers like:
China Mike
Dot com
and more...

From the Children of then Can:
"Definitions and delineations make art movements easier to frame and therefore, to write about. However, in the opinion of this author at least, there are no clear lines to be drawn anymore within the immensely broad and diverse art movement which is the subject matter of they book".

 RDC: We would like to say a big thanks to Vez for helping us out in this shoot

Enough said, let's take a look inside:

To get your hands on this unmissable title, go on Logo

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